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Sensitivity Home Therapy Kit Juliette Armand

Sensitivity Home Therapy Kit Juliette Armand

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A home skincare kit for irritated, normal, sensitive skin types that provides you a complete routine to be used 1-2 times per week. The skincare home kit comes in a handy travel JA branded bag.
Kit contains: Sensitive Cleansing Gel (50ml), Exfoliating Enzyme Gel (30ml), Vitamin B Complex Serum (10ml) Azulene Calming Mask (30ml) Hydra Calming Cream (30ml)

Key Benefits

Specific products to use at home to target sensitivity
Comes complete with a handy travel size products and bag – ideal for holidays or weekends away
The perfect gift or introduction to the Juliette Armand skincare range

How to use

Apply everyday as part of homecare skincare routine

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