Collection: ET AL Skincare Makeup

Our foundation does more than give your skin a hydrated, natural finish. It contains a synergy of skincare actives including Blue Shield, floraglo lutein and hydrachrysum™ to help protect your skin against harmful rays such as UV, blue light, and infrared rays.
“We’ve added active ingredients at functional levels. Why? Because we want you to experience visible benefits for your skin long after you’ve taken your foundation off.”
    Blue Shield® – The protector from blue light and infra-red radiation
      Floraglo™ lutein – The antioxidant hydrator
        Hydrachrysum™ – The long-term hydrator
          Squalane – The moisturiser
            Vitamin C – The collagen synthesis promoter + skin brightener
              Titanium dioxide + Zinc oxide – The eco-friendly UVA, UVB + blue light protector
                Vitamin E – The powerful antioxidant